narrative work - click images for more information!

digital paint


narrative illustrations about a young girl’s arduous quest for the perfect flower!

a wordless instruction manual on how to confront your mortality
(a.k.a. what not to do when encountering a large wave)

A comic about two girls trapped in a cave, and how they choose to share their final moments.

select spreads from a illustrated story about a zoroastrian girl born from a candle's wick

An illustrated booklet intertwining two women’s experiences with the same lake, a century apart.

a selection of the illustrations done for Westwind Pictures' film Nineteen

additional digital work!

nap time - a short point and click video game (est. play time: 2 minutes)

a place to rest - stop motion short film

short animations done for the film Nineteen directed by Westwind Pictures

hi! Im naseem! an iranian artist currently based in ontario, CanadaDriven by a strong fascination for ephemera and fleeting memories, I strive to
capture forgotten moments and tell stories with a sense of realism that pulls viewers
into alternative perspectives. I’m also a crafter at heart, and I enjoy the process of
finding the best medium to convey the specific tone of each story. I’m always looking
to push the bounds of my work and experiment artistically!
When not making things, I enjoy rock climbing and playing silly little internet games.I'd love to work with you! I can be contacted at: [email protected]